Q acoustics
Q Acoustics is not like other loudspeaker companies.
Q Acoustics is a young brand.
No heritage. No tradition. No old black and white photographs.
Q Acoustics was established in 2006; not by a wealthy 'music lover' or retired 'rock musician' (who, in their marketing material, would inevitably claim to have spent decades being dissatisfied with all the speakers available and had therefore decided to make their own). No, Q Acoustics was founded by professional businessmen with the sole aim of developing a highly successful loudspeaker brand.

It's that simple, a completely focussed, professional understanding of business has driven their remarkable success. Because they recognised, long before anybody even dreamed of designing our first products; that the only way Q Acoustics could possibly enjoy commercial success was to design and produce loudspeakers that were, without question, demonstrably superior to their similarly priced competitors.

In other words, they had to make the best affordable loudspeakers in the world.
So that's what they did.

And, please do not misunderstand them. Although they have no history or tradition, they do have vast expertise.
To produce the world's best loudspeakers, they obviously had to engage the world's best loudspeaker designers and provide unlimited access to the most advanced design and engineering facilities. So that's what they did.