Vincent brings the best of German engineering to no-compromise tube and solid-state gear.
It all started with a quite ordinary question: How do we make High End affordable? In 90s, the first step was the introduction of the SA-1 valve pre-stage and the D-150 output stage. It made a very quiet sound in the press but it couldn't be missed though.

Then it got a bit louder when Vincent expanded its product range and regularly thrilled the specialist press - and music lovers in particular. The rumble was powerful and certainly justified because the new Vincent products were now electronically redesigned and presented in a solid metal housing. Now the Vincent brand is making a really audible bang in the specialist press and putting prestige brands in the shade again and again.

Until recently, Vincent was one of the best-kept secrets in audiophile circles. But an expanded presence has led to critical acclaim in the audiophile press. Vincent products are now coveted worldwide, from its classic tube and solid-state hybrids to its cutting edge digital gear.